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Gwanak Gang Gam-chan Festival

This festival used to be known as Nakseongdae Inheonje which was a commemorative ritual held in Anguksa of Nakseongdae located in Nakseongdae-dong, Gwanak-gu every October by citizens to remember the patriotic spirit and achievements of Admiral Gang Gam-chan who was a famous commander during the Goryeo Dynasty. However, from 2015, the ritual has become a citizen-led traditional cultural festival as the name of the ritual was changed to Gwanak Gang Gam-chan Festival. It is now one of Seoul City’s iconic cultural festivals which can be enjoyed by Gwanak-gu and by all Seoul citizens.

  • Period : Every May
  • Cultural Events : Korean traditional music performances, martial art performances, citizens’ cultural performances
  • Participatory Events : Citizen Painting & writing contest, archery competition, experiential booth
  • Tel : 02-879-5603 (Culture & Sports Division), 02-879-6519 (Nakseongdae Management Office), 02-885-5975 (Gwanak Culture Center)

  • Departure ceremony &War victory-celebratory street parade

  • Star Festival

  • Admiral Gang Gam-chan Memorial Ritual

  • Experiential Booth under the theme of Goryeo Village

  • Citizens Talent Contest

  • Forest Music Concert