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Lifelong Learning

Gwanak-gu Lifelong Learning Center

  • Gwanak-gu Lifelong Learning Center, in cooperation with Seoul National University, offers various lectures for local residents according to their age range and areas of interest, such as various government-academia cooperative projects, Gwanak Citizens’ University & Graduate School, and Gwanak Sejong Korean Language School.
  • Location : 1546, Nambusunhwan-ro, Gwanak-gu (Sillim-dong)
  • Inquiries : Lifelong Learning Center ☎879-5679

Smiling Education Center

  • Gwanak-gu Smiling Education Center provides spaces for various programs to create a new culture for teens such as the creativity library and reading rooms, the Youth Media Center and Club Rooms, Career Experience Support Center, and various seminar and lecture rooms. It isan educational cultural complex facility that operates various adult lectures and Lifelong Learning programs to satisfy local residents’ cultural needs.
  • Location :
  • Inquiries : ☎ Education Project Division 879-5662~3

Information education for residents

  • Application Eligibility : Gwanak-gu residents (Based on area of resident registration)
  • Recruit Method : First-come, first-serve basis on the 28th day of each month (If the 28th day is on a Saturday or a holiday, the deadline is until the next business day)
  • Application Method: Basic courses accept applications via telephone; general courses accept applications via Internet
  • Tuition Fees : Free of charge (Students pay for their own educational materials – Less than10,000 won)
  • Lecture Content : Offers 10 lectures such as computer basics, Internet use, Hangul Computer Program, Excel, Photoshop
  • Education Venue : Gwanak-gu Community Center, Miseong-dong Community Center, Seonghyeon-dongCommunity Service Center, Mirim Girls’ Information Science High School
  • Inquiries : PR & Computation Division ☎879-6080

Seoul English Village Gwanak Camp

  • This integrated English Village does not have any dormitories, so students must get to the village by taking Subway Line No. 2. It has been environmentally-friendly built by utilizing surrounding features such as Gwanaksan Mountain and Nakseongdae Park. It can be used in relation with the nearby Seoul National University and Seoul Science Park
  • Inquiries : Seoul English Village Gwanak Camp ☎6943-3605

Gwanak English Class

  • Eligibility : Gwanak-gu residents, workers and business owners in Gwanak-gu
  • Operation Period : Jan ~Jun, Jul ~ Dec (6-month unit)
  • Location : Seoul English Village Gwanak Camp (70, Nakseongdae-ro, Gwanak-gu)
  • Tuition Fees : 100,000 won (6 months)
  • Recruitment Method : via Internet application (gwanak.sev.go.kr)
  • Inquiries : Education Project Division ☎879-5655, Seoul English Village Gwanak Camp ☎6943-3607~8