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Cork Oak of Sillim-dong

Cork Oak of Sillim-dong (Natural Monument No. 271)

Cork Oak is a deciduous tree species belonging to the Fagaceae family. Cork oak is widely distributed across Japan, China, and Korea. It is characterized by its well-developed cork on branches. The cork oakof Sillim-dong stands 17m tall and 2.5m in circumference measured at chest level. The circumference at the bottom trunk of the tree reaches 2.9m. It has survived for years under care by Korean ancestors, so it has high value as folk and biological material. It is designated as a natural monument.

Visitor Guide
  • Tel : 02-879-5606 (Culture & Sports Division)
  • Address : 28-5, Nangok-ro 35-gil, Gwanak-gu, Seoul (Sillim-dong)

Tip! The legend about the Cork Oak of Sillim-dong.

According to a legend, some 1,000 years ago, General Gang Gam-chan planted his walking stick here as he passed by the area, and the stick later grew into the current big tree. Nearby, there is Chilbulsa Temple (current Euncheonsa) which was used as a villa for the general. The actual age of the tree is estimated to be approximately 250 years old. A ritual is held twice a yearon July 1 and October 1 according to the lunar calendarin order to wish for the preservation of the tree and the peace of the village.