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Sillim Intersection, full of youthful energy and freedom

Female students who are shopping for hair pins at accessory shops, groups of students adorned in the latest fashion while walking along the streets—these kinds of scenes are very common to see around Sillim Intersection. According to statistics, the floating population on any given day at Sillim Intersection is estimated to be 300,000 people, and teens account for 30~40% of this. That helps underscore the fact that Sillim Intersection is an area that is full of youth. As the area has several clothing stores, eateries, miscellaneous stores, shopping malls and department stores all targeting new generations who are attentive to new fashion trends, it is a popular place for young people.

  • Direction : Exit No. 1 and 2 of Sillim Station, Subway Line No. 2

Pedestrian-friendly Cultural Street

After you come out of Exit No. 6 of Sillim Station on Subway Line No.2, walk for about 100m in the direction of Boramae Park and you will come across the cultural street. Around 2001, it was initially modeled as a fashion street, but after the fashion industrybegan to wane, the street name was changed. As the street is lined with various eateries and famous restaurants, along with a large shopping mall located nearby, it is a perfect place for weekend outings.

  • Direction : Exit No. 6 of Sillim Station, Subway Line No. 2

Nokdu Street

Nokdu Street stems from the name of an eatery known as “Nokdujip” which sold dongdongju(rice wine) and mungbean pancakes during the 1980s and was very popular among students who tend to be cost-conscious. Centering around a neighborhood (“Gosichon”) which is densely populated by people who prepare for national examinations to become employed in public official positions, pubs and restaurants started to open up, selling various kinds of food at low prices, and the area eventually became a popular hangout place for students of nearby Seoul National University. Gosichon of Sillim-dongcan be considered to be the wellspring of legal society as the majority of Korean judicial officers studied there.

  • Direction : Walk for 30 minutes from Exit No. 3 of Sillim Station, Subway Line No. 2

Bongcheon Sageori

Due to the opening of Seoul National University Station on Subway Line No. 2, a new commercial area has blossomed around it, and the floating population, permanent population and traffic volume have been increasing as well. According to the 2030 Seoul Urban Basic Planning that was recently announced by Seoul City, Bongcheon Intersection will be upgraded as a regional center in the southwest area of Seoul. It is expected to develop into a hub of transportation, jobs, culture and commercial activity.

  • Direction : Get off at Seoul University Station of Subway Line No. 2


The 300m-long alley located at 14-gil, Gwanak-ro in Nakseongdae-dong is called ‘Sharosu-gil’and is full of youthful energy due to being frequented by many colleges students in their 20s.The street name of ‘Sharosu-gil’ was created by combining the logo sign “샤” (pronounced as: sha”) at the main gate of the Seoul National University and with “Garosu-gil,” which is a famous street in Seoul.

  • Direction : Walk for 3 minutes from Exit No. 2 of Seoul University Station, Subway Line No. 2