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연도별, 봉천동/신림동/남현동의 연혁
Year Gwanak-gu
Bongcheon-dong Sillim-dong Namhyeon-dong
Samhan Period Mahan
346 (King Geunchogo of Baekje) Baekje’s territory
396 (King Gwanggaeto of Goguryeo) Goguryeo’s territory
475 (the 63rd year of King Jangsu’s reign of Goguryeo) Ingbeollo-hyeon Yulmok-gun
757 (the 16th year of King Gyeongdeok’s reign of Unified Silla) Gogyang-hyeon Yuljin-gun
940 (the 23rd year of King Taejo’s reign of Goryeo) Geumju Gwaju
1443 (the 13rd year of King Taejong’s reign of Joseon) Geumcheon-hyeon Gwacheon-hyeon
1795 (the 19th year of King Jeongjo’s reign of Joseon) Siheung-hyeon Gwacheon-hyeon
1895 (the 32nd year of King Gojong’s reign of Joseon) Siheung-gun Gwacheon-gun
March 1, 1914(The Departmental Ordinance of Japanese Government-General of Korea No. 11: District under jurisdiction & the district name’) Dong-myeon, Siheung-gun Sindong-myeon, Siheung-gun
January 1, 1963(Civil Ordinance No. 1172: Law on Administrative District Change in Seoul City’) Incorporated into Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul City
Bongcheon-dong ∙ Sillim-dong (Governed by Gwanak Branch Office) Sadang-dong (Governed by Sindong Branch Office)
1973.7.1(Presidential Decree No. 6548) Gwanak-gu was separated from Yeongdeungpo-gu and established independently (Bongcheon-dong, Sillim-dong, Noryangjin-dong, Bon-dong, Sangdo-dong, Sangdo 1-dong, Heukseok-dong, Dongjak-dong, Sadang-dong, Sindaebang-dong, Daebang-dong, Bangbae-dong, Jamwon-dong, Banpo-dong, Seocho-dong, Yangjae-dong)
1975.10.1(Seoul City Ordinance No 979) Redistricting of administrative areas Part of Doksan-dong→Incorporated into Sillim-dong, Gwanak-gu Daebang-dong, Sindaebang-dong→Incorporated into Yeongdeungpo-gu
1980.4.1(Presidential Decree No. 9630) Separated from Dongjak-gu Part of Sadang-dong was renamed to Namhyeon-dong; Part of Dongjak-dong and Sadang-dong were incorporated into Gangnam-gu
1988.5.1(Civil Ordinance No. 4004) Upgraded to a district upon the implementation of the local self-governing system
1992.7.1(Seoul City Gwanak-gu Ordinance No. 182) Governed 27 administrative dong’s
2008.9.1.(Seoul City Gwanak-gu Ordinance No. 779) Changed the names of administrative areas (27 dong’s→21 dong’s)