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Samseongsan Catholic Sanctuary

The sanctuary, being located on the north side of Janggunbong Peak, is the grave site of Bishop Imbert and pastors Mobant and Chastan who were Korea’s first Western missionaries.
The three saints were put to death at Saenamteo during the Catholic Persecution in 1839. They were buried at Nogosan Mountain for four years and their graves were moved to Samseongsan in 1843 and remained there for 60 years until 1901. Then, in November 1901, their remains were enshrined at Myeongdong Cathedral. In 1970, after the Catholic Church recognized them as saints, their remains were moved to the sanctuary on September 20, 1989. Next to the sanctuary, you can findhigh-quality spring water, another reason why many people visit the sanctuary.

Visitor Guide
  • Tel : 02-857-2271
  • Address : 454-16, Hoam-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul (San 57-14, Sillim-dong)