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  • CI
    The overall shape to symbolize the wholesome citizens of Gwanak-gu makes up a shape of an oval. The peak of Gwanaksan Mountain and the stamen of a royal azalea in bloom symbolize the volunteership and kind mindset of Gwanak citizens. The blue and green colors express the citizens’ strong will to protect the environment and nature.
  • BI
    The design expresses the developing Gwanak-gu with the strong brush strokes depicting the image of Gwanaksan Mountain, a representative symbol of Gwanak-gu. The slogan “Heart-warming” Gwanak expresses the vision of human-centric Gwanak-gu which highly value humans.

  • Vision
    The sun rising from the horizon symbolizes the new Gwanak-gu with 7th mayor elected by the people.
  • Flower (Royal Azalea)
    In spring, beautiful royal azalea fully bloom and cover Gwanaksan Mountain embellish Gwanak-gu. They are noticeable in the spring in Gwanak-gu which is also famous for its Gwanaksan Mountain Azalea Festival.
  • Tree (Pine Tree)
    Pine trees which symbolize integrity and fidelity look green all year round. For centuries, they have been a symbol of loyalty and fidelity of scholars and women.
  • Bird (Magpie)
    Magpies were considered to deliver good news so they symbolize a positive image. According to a legend, magpies used to welcome scholars who came to Hanyang, ancient Seoul, to take a national examination after going through Namtaeryeong Pass