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Gwanaksan Trail

Gwanaksan Trail is constructed for citizens to enjoy nature, culture and history while walking along the smooth path that is surrounded by Gwanaksan Mountain. Gwanak-gu section (15km) starts from the Namtaeryeong Pass and leads to Hoamsa Temple. After you pass the traditional temple of Gwaneumsa, you will get to Mudanggol where shamans hold rituals, and then you will pass a relaxation spot in the forest where you can enjoy meditation away from the noise of automobiles, while being surrounded by a forest. Along the trail, you will see the birthplace of General Gang Gam-chan, Nakseongdae which enshrines the portrait of the general, Dolsan which offers beautiful scenery, and then Samseongsan Catholic Sanctuary ad Hoamsa Templeas you walk leisurely along the trail.

  • Distance : 15km (Required Time: 6hrs ~ 7hrs)
  • Course : Kkachisan Eco Pedestrian Overpass ~ Nakseongdae Park ~ Gwanak-gu Office ~ Gwanaksan Park ~ Dolsan ~ Samseongsan Catholic Sanctuary ~ Nanu Park ~ Sillim Neighborhood Park

Course Theme

관악산둘레길 구간별 주제, 구분색, 경로, 거리, 특징 안내
Category Course 1 red Course 2 green Course 3 blue
Theme Patriotic Forest Trail Experiential Forest Trail Meditative Forest Trail
Course Kkachisan Eco Pedestrian Overpass ~ Mudanggol ~ Observatory ~ Nakseongdae Park ~ Gwanak-gu Office ~ The main gate of Seoul National Univ. The main gate of Seoul National Univ. ~ Dolsan ~ Entrance of Bodeoksa ~ Heliport ~ Samseongsan Catholic Sanctuary ~ Sanjang Mineral Spring ~ Gukje Sanjang Apt Gukje Sanjang Apt ~ Gwangsin High School ~ Baesuji Park ~ Geonubong Peak ~ Nanu Park ~ Sillim Neighborhood Park
Distance 6.2km (2hrs 40mins) 4.7km (2hrs) 4.1km (1hr 50mins)
Characteristic As the course is connected to Nakseongdae, you can learn about the patriotic spirit of General Gang Gam-chan Visitors can see the scenic views of Seoul from Dolsan and involve themselves in natural learning experience activities at the nearby lake park Visitors can enjoy meditation and nature while leisurely walking along the forest trail
Nearby Attractions Baekje kiln site, Nam Seoul Annex Building of The Seoul Museum of Art, Tomb of Yi Gyeong-jik, Traditional temple within Gwanaksan Mountain(Gwaneumsa), House of Seo Jeong-ju, Birthplace of Gang Gam-chan, Nakseongdae Park(Anguksa), Gwanak Camp of Seoul English Village, Tombs of the Pungamgong Branch of the Deoksu Yi Clan, Kkachisan Eco Pedestrian Overpass , Rock-carved Buddha Traditional temples (Seongjuam, Yaksuam), Gwanak Cultural center & Library, Ecological Scenery Preservation Area(Long-leaf Korean boxwood Colony), Samseongsan Catholic Sanctuary, enchanted rocks, Marsh Ecological Park Tomb of Gang Sa-sang, Cork Oak, Horim Museum

How to Get There

  • The following guide signs are installed along Gwanaksan Trail. Follow the signs to enjoy the trail.
  • Tel : ☎879-6560~61 (Gwanaksan Park Management Office)
How to Get There
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